I’m not actually here…

I’m really Woolwinding for knitty / spinny things or, if you’re a gardener / anyone with a passing interest in Wales, I’m Beangenie.

Thought better of the name Castonqueen (not surprisingly), which is what happens when a friend visits, he says ‘you’re a writer, you should be blogging’, you come up with a name after having drink taken and set everything up in such a way that it’s semi-engraved in granite.

Quick rethink time, and redirection:

There are new posts up on my woolly, crafty, knitty, everything-elsey (or is it?) blog Woolwinding, and on my gardening, Walesy, natural worldy blog, Beangenie

As if that wasn’t enough, I also have a food blog, Twelve Miles from a Lemon,  which is more closely related to my work as a writer and editor.

I really need to add an image, but of what? A sheep in my garden baking bread while wearing a stovepipe hat with a leek in it?


I’m not here….

I decided that I didn’t like the name (quelle surprise, what was I thinking?*), so I’m now at Woolwinding for my knitting, spinning and other vaguely crafty-textiley-historyish and other things blog,

and Beangenie for my gardening blog.

Do please visit… see you there!

*Not a lot. That’s what happens when a friend comes to stay, you have a glass of wine, he says  ‘you’re a writer, you should be blogging, why don’t we set one up right now?’